Pure Boarding Black Diamond

Pure Boarding Black Diamond

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Black Diamond

One can argue about taste, but not about style. Style is intrinsic; you either have it or you don't. The Black Diamond is for those whose personalities show in the trenches they leave.


Take your playful side and let it loose, with butters, nose rolls and switch eurocarving made more fun and easy than you could have possibly imagined.  Whereas the Bastard is all about destroying the groom, the Black Diamond is about leaving your mark in whatever way you want.



Black Diamond 162 cm 23.2 cm width / 10 m radius

Black Diamond 168 cm 23.8 cm width / 10 m radius


The construction

· Sandwich construction

· Mixed wood core, glued vertically

· Triaxial fabric, carbon and Kevlar reinforcements

· Nano high-speed base

· Damping strips along edges, tip and tail

· Hand made

· Progressive sidecut

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