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Bomber Boiler Plate v2

Bomber Boiler Plate v2

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We highly recommend the Wunderbar if this is your first Boiler Plate setup. 

Which model Boiler Plate is right for me?

The biggest difference between the three models of Boiler Plate is their ability to torsionally twist. The ability to twist the plate between your feet (some call this “pedaling”) gives you more low speed control, while less torsional twist gives more stability at speed. So the following is only a guide for selecting the model for you:

Boiler Plate 5mm

Uber firm torsinally. Designed for maximum speed for the heavier and aggressive carver. The faster you go, the happier this plate is.

Boiler Plate 4mm

Excellent mix of torsional flex and stability at all speeds. Made for all carvers and racers of all abilities.

Boiler Plate 4mm Lite

The ultimate in a freecarve plate. Maximum torsion flex for control at low to medium speeds. Or for the light/medium weight racer.

Boiler Plate Hardware

What is a Plate system for a carving board and why do I need one?

Without getting too far into the history, there have been variations of plate systems for carving boards for some time now - some dating back to the early nineties. However, the majority of them have been designed around MODIFYING the flex of a snowboard or simply raising the rider up and adding mass. The new generation of plates that have been used successfully in World Cup racing for the past few years are a true ISOLATING system for the snowboard. Much like the suspension on a motorcycle that allows the rider to absorb and isolate the bumps and terrain changes on the ground, a plate system does the same for the snowboard rider. It has been described by testers as if the bumps and dips roll underneath you without you feeling them.

A plate system does not try to modify the flex of a snowboard. As a matter of fact, it's design is to have the least amount of effect on that snowboard. The board is allowed to flex and bend in a very pure and true fashion. Neither the rider nor any auxiliary hardware is negatively affecting the natural flex of the board. We have great faith in our very talented board manufacturers, who are we to try and modify the flex of their board?

The rider's stance/set-up is no longer changing/moving during a turn. When a non-plate board dives into a turn, it decambers quite a bit and also twists. The "power stance" that you meticulously set-up goes out of wack on each turn. Your feet move toward each other (stance width gets shorter), your feet angle toward each other, and your feet twist out of plane with each other. Humans are good at it, so we adapt and make it work. Now imagine that you are on a plate that stays "flat" during the turn while the board is decambering and twisting under the plate. All of your hard work to get that perfect "power stance" is maintained and you have more power and stability in that turn.

Features and Benefits:
  • Unidirectional Carbon Fiber on Main Plate: Precisely controls flex characteristics in the desired direction. A high ratio of strength/stiffness to weight can be achieved with Carbon Fiber.
  • Monocoque, High Density Foam Core Design: allows for a very rigid, strong, lightweight plate.
  • Manufactured using Precise Pressure Molding Technique: Some carbon fiber plates are made using a vacuum bag process that uses low pressure and lower strength epoxy to form the shape. These types of parts tend to have design flexibility in their shape but at the sacrifice of strength and durability. Bomber is using the same method of carbon fiber production that gives you the highest amount of strength and precision in a carbon fiber part. This is done with a dedicated high pressure solid mold with high strength epoxy. These are the same methods the aerospace and high-end bike frame industries use. It is a more expensive and time consuming process, but you get a better product.
  • Movable Pivots Points: allows the end user to pick the pivot position they desire. Changing the pivot center to center distance makes a huge difference in the way a plate will feel for everyone. Available pivot distances are: 56cm, 59cm, 62cm
    Boiler Plate Underside
  • Precision Made Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pivots and Hardware: Bomber's strength has always been precise machined parts and these will be no different. Tight tolerance pivots means there is no slop or unneeded movement in the system.
  • Low Friction and Serviceable Pivots/Sliders: Any friction in a plate system's pivots is unwanted; it should move smooth as butter at all times yet maintain a tight tolerance over time. We use large diameter (3/8 (9.5mm)) hollow axels made of high-grade stainless steel. We even send these axels out to get ground to a tolerance of half of a thousands of an inch (.0005) for a precision fit in the bearings and sliders. Our pivots/sliders are high-end composite bearings that need no lubrication and will last you more turns than your legs can take.
  • Low Weight and Low Profile: The Bomber Boiler Plate has a very low weight due to its use of Carbon Fiber and other lightweight materials. This allows your entire system to not feel like you have a small car attached to your feet. Also, the height of the plate will be one of the lowest in the industry to keep your nose bleeds to a minimum. Total height is .98" (25mm) for the 5mm model and .94" (24mm) for the 4mm model (measured at axels). Width (at widest part) of all Boiler Plates is 8.3 cm. 
    Weight is 3.95 lbs (1.80 kg) for the 5mm model (4-hole mount) and 3.40 lbs (1.54 kg) for the 4mm model. UPM version is the same weight and height as the 4 hole version.
  • 5mm Hex Key for Easy Install and Adjustments: You saw this coming: 5mm Hex key is all you need. The plate can be installed and removed with ease. Unlike some of the other current systems where you need to be the original engineer for the Rubik's Cube to figure out, the plate is quick and simple to work with. Set and forget is our motto. We will also be offering the Boiler Plate Wunderbar which is a tool for aligning the plate lower hardware with more speed and accuracy.
  • Mounting Pattern Options: The Bomber Boiler Plate will be available for both current 4-hole patterned boards and the new UPM Pattern(Currently Unavailable). *the UPM stands for "Universal Plate Mount" and seems to be the prevailing pattern that most board manufacturers have adapted. It works for us so we are in! These will be different models, however, it will only be a difference in the "lower hardware" that mounts it to the board. Both models will use the same plate. It is possible to switch from one model to the other by just purchasing different "lower hardware".
  • Compatible with all 4 Hole Bindings: Your current 4 hole bindings will work with the Plate.
  • Bomber Rock Solid Warranty and Customer Service: We have been making hardware for you guys for close to twenty years now and we plan to do it for at least the next twenty years. We like what we do and plan to make sure you always like what we do as well. If you have an issue with your plate, you know we'll take care of you. Comes with a standard one year warrantee.
    Boiler Plate Hardware

Reviews of the Bomber Boiler Plate can be read HERE.

BP Instructions can be found HERE.

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